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BT speaker

MCU audio

How to do audio using mcu pwm for playing PCM (wave)?

See Arduino project [1]

Can be used on arduino or nodeMCU



How audio work with PWM:

Use an amplifier or not?

Home made speaker

Hardware requirements:

  • BT audio reciever
  • Audio amplifier (depending on speaker impedance and power) several class exist, be consistent with PSU (if using a 20W PSU it is useless to go beyond 2*10W for the speaker)
  • speaker: 4 Ohms,8 Ohms, 0.5W to 100W

Can be found on aliexpress

Looking for some DIY tutorial

What about the "casing"? Cardboard (cheap home made), 3D printed or laser cut wood/plexiglass

Recycle Hi-Fi Speaker (2*25W at least)?

Is it useful? BT speaker price is from 10 to 20€ (cheaper than DIY...)

Home made Wi-Fi radio alarm clock

This is useful and so expansive (


  • Wi-Fi (esp32 check ka-radio)
  • Screen
  • Speaker
  • Amp